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UPDATE: Traffic Secrets 2.0 is now available. Read my full review at ClickNewz: Traffic Secrets 2.0 Review

Note from John Reese, February 2006

34 reasons you'll kick yourself if you miss out on this -

The response to my Traffic Secrets home-study course has been pretty overwhelming, and I'm down to the last few copies of the UNCENSORED "1st edition" of Traffic Secrets. So I want to make sure you don't miss out by waiting too long to take action.

Remember, once these "1st edition" copies sell out, all future editions will most likely have the most highly- sensitive secrets edited out, to protect the interests of those "in the know" (including myself).

So grab your copy now at: http://www.trafficsecrets.com

But in case you're still thinking about it -- I've put together 34 compelling reasons why you should be willing to crawl over broken glass to claim your copy of Traffic Secrets immediately:

--- Reason #1: I'm handing you the traffic generating systems that took me over 14 years to test, fine-tune and perfect, all on a silver platter -- so you don't have to spend the next 10 years of your life covering the same ground.

--- Reason #2: You'll discover the exact secrets, strategies and systems I used to drive over 1.57 BILLION visitors to my websites.

--- Reason #3: You'll discover the guerrilla tactics I used to get more traffic to my websites than the huge corporations such as CNN and Disney that spend millions on Super Bowl ads and the like.

--- Reason #4: The step-by-step CD-Rom tutorials take you by the hand and show you, click by click, exactly how to implement my strategies on your websites even if you're a computer dummy.

--- Reason #5: Just a few months after releasing the course, I already have dozens of real-life success stories from Traffic Secrets owners that PROVE my secrets work like crazy -- you can see all these real-life success stories at http://www.trafficsecrets.com

--- Reason #6: You'll get to hear brilliant insights from the top marketing geniuses in the world who were at my workshop (where the Traffic Secrets DVDs were recorded)... geniuses such as Gary Halbert, Yanik Silver, Jim Maddox, Perry Marshall, Jimmy D Brown, and much more (way too many to list here!)

--- Reason #7: 125 top marketers from around the world paid $4,500.00 each (plus airfare, hotel and other travel expenses) to learn these exact same traffic generation secrets -- that you can now discover for pennies on the dollar, from the comfort of your own home.

--- Reason #8: You have the luxury of hitting "pause" at any time, and rewinding and replaying the DVDs and CDs as often as you like, to make sure you absorb every single detail and don't miss anything.

--- Reason #9: You'll get blueprint handouts that show you the exact step-by-step sequence for taking any website from zero to breathtaking success in the shortest time possible (one attendee at my $4,500-a- head workshop said these handouts alone were worth 100 times the cost of the workshop!)

--- Reason #10: You'll discover internet marketing secrets and strategies you can NOT get anywhere else. One of the attendees at my workshop (where the Traffic Secrets DVDs were recorded) said that he had an "aha" moment every 2-3 minutes (compared to other seminars where he usually gets an "aha" moment only once a day).

--- Reason #11: Unlike most other seminar recordings, there is no pitching whatsoever on the Traffic Secrets DVDs and CDs. ---

* Heard enough? Check it out now at http://www.trafficsecrets.com

--- Reason #12: You'll discover how to quickly generate huge lists of relevant keywords for your target market, and gain a superior "market intelligence" that will propel you ahead of your competition in everything you do online.

--- Reason #13: You'll discover how to get maximum traffic with minimum investment from the Pay-per-click search engines such as Google AdWords and Overture.com, as well as other lesser-known PPC search engines.

--- Reason #14: You'll discover how to build a search engine empire that brings you a steady flow of free search engine traffic, no matter how the search engines change their rules.

--- Reason #15: You'll discover simple strategies for using RSS and blogs to leapfrog your competition in the search engines.

--- Reason #16: You'll discover how to use linking strategies to get other websites to link to yours, boost your PageRank and link popularity, and rocket your search engine rankings and website traffic.

--- Reason #17: You'll discover exactly how to set up lucrative Joint-Ventures with the "big players" in your market.

--- Reason #18: You'll discover the insider secrets to using affiliate programs to flood your websites with targeted traffic at zero risk.

--- Reason #19: You'll discover how to use accurate Testing & Tracking to maximize your internet profits.

--- Reason #20: You'll discover the inside secrets of outsourcing, so you can increase your online profits by leveraging the work of others.

--- Reason #21: You'll discover how to use exit traffic strategies to profit from your web site visitors that LEAVE your site.

--- Reason #22: You'll discover the inside secrets of profiting from banner ads -- the most overlooked goldmine on the internet.

--- Reason #23: You'll discover how to use the power of viral marketing to create a torrent of cash-in-hand visitors that is impossible to stop.

--- Reason #24: You'll discover the inside secrets of using email and ezine advertising to generate an avalanche of traffic at the click of a button.

--- Reason #25: You'll discover tons of other killer strategies for driving traffic to your websites at zero cost.

* Heard enough? Check it out now at http://www.trafficsecrets.com

--- Reason #26: You do NOT need computer or technical expertise to apply my secrets and strategies. If you can copy and paste, then you already have the skills you need to profit from the secrets and strategies in Traffic Secrets.

--- Reason #27: You can profit from the secrets and strategies in Traffic Secrets even if you're on a shoestring budget or have limited time.

--- Reason #28: Your investment in Traffic Secrets can be tax deductible as a business expense (check with your accountant).

--- Reason #29: You'll get a lifetime membership in the exclusive Traffic Secrets Owners Club -- where you can share, network, and grow your business along with other savvy online entrepreneurs that are growing their traffic with the Traffic Secrets course.

--- Reason #30: As a member of the Traffic Secrets Owners Club, you'll also get access to bonus teleconferences (including their mp3 recordings) where I give you additional advice and guidance for implementing the explosive strategies in Traffic Secrets.

--- Reason #31: You risk nothing, because of my unconditional 90-day money back guarantee. Test-drive my course risk-free for 90 days, and if you're not absolutely thrilled for ANY reason, just send it back and I'll give you a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.

--- Reason #32: You can split your investment into 3 easy payments, so price is not an issue.

--- Reason #33: Your investment in the course is just a tiny drop in bucket compared to all the time and money you'll waste this year doing things the WRONG way without the information in Traffic Secrets. So you really cannot afford NOT to get this course.

--- Reason #34: There is only a small number of uncensored "1st edition" copies of Traffic Secrets left. Once these are sold out, the "2nd edition" copies will most likely have the most highly-sensitive secrets edited out. So you must act now if you don't want to miss out on my best traffic generation secrets.

Traffic Secrets course by John Reese

There you have it.

Trust me, it would be a huge mistake to pass up this opportunity just because you might have bought a ton of other internet marketing ebooks and courses before.

I buy EVERY internet marketing ebook and course out there (partly because it only takes ONE good idea for a course to pay for itself... and partly for "competitive intelligence")... and I promise you, NOTHING even comes close to what you're getting in Traffic Secrets.

I urge you to get over to the site right away to see if we still have any final copies left.

(My staff is watching the numbers closely, and once the last copy of the uncensored "1st edition" of Traffic Secrets is sold, the order form will be disabled. Traffic Secrets will then be "off the market" for several weeks, until the trimmed-down "2nd edition" is produced and in stock.)

So go to the site immediately to avoid disappointment: http://www.trafficsecrets.com

Yours For Online Profits,

John Reese

P.S. Remember, you don't have to decide now. After you claim your copy of Traffic Secrets, you still have a full 90 days to test-drive the course and decide for yourself if you want to keep it.

But you must claim your copy NOW, before they're all gone. So go to http://www.trafficsecrets.com to grab your copy right away.


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