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Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

"This Book Could Be Worth
A Million Dollars To You"

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For the first time ever, the complete unabridged classic "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill is available for immediate download in MP3 Format
as an Audio Book!

        Having an audiobook version of this powerful text will allow you to absorb Napoleon Hill's wealth-building principals at times when you normally wouldn't be able... while you are driving to work, walking your dog in the evening, falling asleep at night, or going for your morning jog. It's wise to turn this otherwise wasted time into productive, money-generating instruction sessions.

        If you were to buy the CD version of this book it would take up at least 6 CDs and most likely it would STILL be an altered, incomplete, or abridged version. The cost of production and shipping and handling fees would inflate the cost (up to $65-80!. BUT, since you are now able to download the complete, unabridged audiobook in digital MP3 format you can save a lot of money -- there's no shipping or production fees (keep reading to see how much you will save).

        Not only that, you don't have to wait for it to be shipped. You can download it right after you place your order and be listening to it tonight on your computer, your MP3 player, or CD player (by burning it onto CDs... don't worry, none of this is as complicated as it sounds -- in the easy-to-access download area you will have simple, step-by-step instructions waiting for you).

Click to play an audio sample        No expense was spared in the making of this audiobook... it is digitally recorded for superior clarity by expert narrator Grover "Golden Voice" Gardner -- AudioFile Magazine's "Voice of the Century." We could have gone with the many less expensive voice talents who wanted to do the job but, boy, are we are glad we didn't! The recording is amazing. Grover's experience is immediately obvious.

        He brings the wisdom of the old text to life in a way that we think Napoleon Hill himself would have approved of. The pacing, nuance, and consistency throughout the reading bespeak the perfection that Napoleon Hill encouraged us all to pursue. The recording truly is beautiful and is worth a listen even if you think you have Mr. Hill's million dollar philosophy memorized.

        It is generally believed that our brains process information differently when we listen as opposed to reading. Hearing the book could give you the shift in perspective you need to uncover the "secret" of acquiring riches that Napoleon Hill speaks of in the foreword.

        If you haven't gotten around to finishing the book version, or if you just want an opportunity to take the principals in "Think and Grow Rich" to the next level, then this beautiful audiobook version is perfect for you!

        Since it is in MP3 format, you will be able to download it and listen to it whether you have a MAC or PC computer. The files are also compatible with any portable digital audio device (ex: Ipod, Lyra, Rio, Otis, IRiver, etc.). The download instructions are clear and easy to follow (almost no one ever has difficulty). If you don't want to download the files you can listen to them instantly via streaming audio (even if you only have a slow dial-up modem!).

        Now, you are probably wondering how much all of this will cost you... an extraordinary book, a top notch recording, immediate access, the convenience and flexibility of digital audio. As already mentioned, if you were to buy this book on CD it would be somewhere between $65-80! But, you can get it right now for only $29... over 50% off what you would be paying otherwise!

        But, what if you have a problem? What if you aren't satisfied with the recording? We understand that there is a certain amount of risk involved and we want to make this completely risk-free for you. For that reason, we have a 100% guarantee... if for any reason you are dissatisfied just let us know and you will get a full, complete, and prompt refund of every penny you gave us! Obviously, we are very confident that you will be thrilled with the purchase... otherwise we wouldn't stick our neck out so far (we could be taken advantage of by the unscrupulous).

       This is the type of life-changing investment that you never regret making... since it pays for itself many times over! Let Napoleon Hill guide you to your fortune in waiting...

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       Please don't delay... you really have no reason NOT to order now since this is a completely risk-free offer for you -- you can only benefit from this. You probably know that if you put it off you most likely won't do it later...

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To summarize, this is what you get immediate access to when you place your order now:

  1. 17 High-quality 128kbps MP3 files
  2. 17 Mid-quality 64kbps MP3 files
  3. 17 Low-quality 16kbps MP3 files
  4. Online instant streaming audio version

        Each chapter is one file (chapters 7 and 15 were large enough that they were broken down into 2 parts). The streaming audio version can be bookmarked so that you can access it any time you are online.

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