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How do you become a Millionaire? The best way to do that is to learn from Millionaires. Not from some starving college student who has no idea what it's like to be a millionaire. Certainly not a hopeful new publisher or desperate salesperson - and definitely not from an infomercial!

Allow me to introduce you to Mike Litman, author of Conversations with Millionaires. Take a sneak peak into the pages of this extraordinary book... and read on, because I'm going to show you how you can get a copy of your own for free!

Conversations with Millionaires

What Millionaires Do to Get Rich,
That You Never Learned About in School!

Sometimes, as they say, truth is stranger than fiction.

This story falls into that same category. It's the story of how the Conversations with Millionaires phenomenon began.

It happened to two friends living on opposite sides of the country. One in New York. One in California. Each holding nothing. Nothing... but a dream.

They had both gone the usual path. They went to school, received their degrees, and then did what so many others do. They went from job to job, job to job.

"Get good grades, go to college, get a job." We're told it's all great from there. Sound familiar? It's the pattern many of us are taught.

Months and years of unsatisfying work. They met with a little 'success'. But, a lot more failure. More than that though, they were flat-out unfulfilled. They were leading lives of 'quiet desperation' as Henry David Thoreau once called it.

This story would sound like so many before it, except for one thing. The one thing that would later go on to change millions of lives.

You see each of them had a glimpse of the world they so desperately wanted. One of happiness, riches, and success.

Luckily, on a tiny local radio station in the suburbs of Long Island, New York one of them would do a weekly one-hour radio show interviewing some of the most successful people alive.

Individuals of all ages, races, and creeds who had accomplished extraordinary things.

It was with this opportunity that 'Mike' was afforded the unique opportunity to ask millionaires any questions he wanted on improving one's live and improving one's business.

At this same time in California something else was happening.

A long distance call was being placed.

Mike's friend Jason, though in California, was never far away.


Because each week when the show would broadcast, Jason would call across the country and ask to be put on hold at the radio station so he could hear the entire radio show.

There he could 'listen in' on the millionaire interviews and get all the success strategies revealed by the guest.

In a world of confusion, fear, and more, once a week they were able to zero in on where they wanted to go. Once a week the strategies, tips, and techniques of America's most successful entrepreneurs were being revealed right into their 'ears'.

As time went on, they'd found themselves reviewing past shows and then looking forward to the next exciting guest coming on. They were using the information revealed in these interviews as a roadmap for their own lives. For their own success.

You see, these conversations gave them the game plan they needed to design their goals and go for their dreams. And it changed their lives forever.

It was then that Jason has the idea to put all of these life-changing interviews into a book and call it, Conversations with Millionaires.

Inside this book, you'll be given the same life-changing opportunity Mike and Jason received. An opportunity to 'listen in' to those same 'Conversations with Millionaires'.

reprinted with the author's permission

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