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Spreadsheet Specialist Work From Home

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Spreadsheet Specialist Work From Home

Postby tam2005 » Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:36 pm


This posting is for one particular project that could turn into more projects I am sure. But for now, I need help with one particular project ASAP.

You MUST know Excel more than me. Meaning, I know Excel, but definitely not an expert, not even close. I want someone who would maybe classify themselves as an Excel expert or close to it and knows all the bells and whistles of Excel so that they can create exactly what I am looking for.

I am looking for someone to develop a spreadsheet on Excel that has several sheets. I have several companies with various revenue streams and need to have a sheet for each one of them, about 5-6 sheets altogether. I want to be able to have people enter transactions on one sheet and have it calculate that sheet and the master sheet at the same time. I also want to have all of my people who are on payroll on one sheet so that when I hire someone I know exactly how it affects the bottom line. In addition, it will have all of our company fixed expenses which I can raise or lower which will again affect the master sheet. There are a few more things I may add I am sure.

One of my businesses pays me over 18-36 months and I would like to enter a transaction and have it calculate my revenue over 18 months or in some cases, 24-36 months. That way, when I want to see what my revenue will be in November, 2010, I can see it at a click of the mouse but I do not want to have to add this revenue on a cell every month. It should calculate automatically. Make sense?

If using excel is one of your strong points and you think that you can create this spreadsheet for me, please let me know along with how much you would charge and when you can start working on this project. If you think that there is a better system then Excel for accomplishing this, I am all ears. Maybe a program already exists that you can set-up for my company. I don't know. You are the EXPERT!! :)

As I mentioned, this could very well be one of several projects that we will need help with, but we can start from here.

Thank you very much for your time, looking forward to your email.


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