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Traffic generation in the "real" world...

Offline Marketing tips and techniques - how to market your online business OFFline. Also discussing Offline Business set-up and strategy.

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Traffic generation in the "real" world...

Postby LR-Pro » Tue Jul 05, 2005 10:31 pm

Hi all...I had an idea a few days ago about a site that I have owned for the past four months. It is a content site that makes money utilyzing banner ads and google ad sense. Anyhoo...I had been trying to figure out a way of marketing the site to a larger number of surfers when I got the idea to "bring it to the people" rather than trying to get the people to it. I emailed a local radio celebrity in town and described the site and how it might interest his listeners...this was yesterday evening...and tonight I was his guest for 15 minutes talking about the site on a very popular talk radio show. Now I won't know for a few hours if there was any spikes in my unique hits data but I think there will be some if for no other reason than curiousity. And if people bookmark the site then that's an extra bonus. Now this has got me thinking about other forms of traffic generation outside of cyber-space that are similar in nature and I am about to send out Press Releases to every major media source I can think of to see if I can promote the site in that way...It may work or it may not, but my brain is working over time with possibilities that I was not thinking of a day and a half ago...:) That's the exciting thing about this matter how much you have been doing this type of work, there are still moments of excitement and potential. Thanks for listening and all the best.


ps: Lynn...I think I am ready to sign on to your Turning Ideas Into Dollars...I'll email you within the next day or so.
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Postby Lynn Terry » Wed Jul 06, 2005 7:42 am

I'll keep an eye out for that, Lyle ;)

I love the idea of marketing offline, which is the reason that I created this category at the forum (I moved your post into it, btw). I'd love to brainstorm some ways to gain exposure offline - particularly targeted exposure!
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Postby TarheelHosting » Fri Jul 08, 2005 8:45 pm


I'm completely hooked! You HAVE to share the results! Did you get a traffic spike?

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